Share2Care & GP Practices

Share2Care is asking GP Practices to share their patient’s data, so that complete records (including medication history and diagnoses) are available, to improve care for all patients across the North West region. Share2Care is the name of the programme and the methods of viewing the data are two “viewers” called e-Xchange for Cheshire and Merseyside, and Lancashire Person Record Exchange Service (LPRES) for Lancashire and South Cumbria. There are also several other projects under the Share2Care umbrella.

There is a connection between e-Xchange and LPRES to allow clinicians to see patient data across both areas which has been invaluable when patients move between regions for their care. This enables the sharing of discharge summaries and clinical letters, and the addition of primary care data (for example problem lists, current and previous medications), which is extremely useful to clinicians.

Local CCGs and LNC’s have endorsed the use of Share2Care. If you have any issues activating sharing in your practice system please let us know. You can send an email to with your contact details and one of the team will be in touch.