What does my practice need to switch on?

The agreements that need to be switched on are “e-Xchange sharing agreement 6235” and “LPRES sharing agreement 5668”. Please note the term “sharing agreement” is not related to information governance (IG), it is solely switching on the flow of data. More information regarding this can be found on the practice sign-up page.

The Share2Care programme is a separate programme to CIPHA (Combined Intelligence for Population Health Action). CIPHA is a regional population health data platform and helps with our regions COVID response, for example collating data regarding COVID cases, bed management etc. If you’d like to request access to the CIPHA dashboards, please visit the CIPHA website https://www.cipha.nhs.uk

Share2Care (which includes e-Xchange & LPRES) is a health information exchange for clinical staff across the region to improve direct patient care.

Please “switch on” sharing via your practice system (EMIS or TPP); links to instructions on how to do this can be found below.

If your practice system is EMIS please click the link below: 


If your practice system is TPP please click the link below: